About Us

Our Non-Profit Organization was founded on community needs for healing relationships with ourselves and others.


The Mission:

Clarity Counseling Connections seeks to reach, teach, and equip the people of our community to transform personal challenges into life-enhancing opportunities regardless of their ability to pay.


The Collaboration Vision:

We facilitate a wholeness approach to healing individuals, couples, families and relationships.  We are dedicated to the healing process by connecting mind, body, and soul through a collaboration of mental, medical, and spiritual professionals.  It is our goal to teach the next generation of counselors to collaborate for the best outcomes of their clients.


Investing in the Future of Mental Health Professionals:

Our team is made up of highly trained and certified professional counselors as well as graduate-trained interns preparing for Master's Degrees and Licensure.  We advocate training the next generation of counseling professionals to collaborate in a holistic way as a team for clients in order to heal families and give back to their communities.


Your Donations:

Sponsoring Specific Programs: Your donations can be used to create and staff the programs our community is in need of.  We will build programs based on the collaboration of donors, community need and funds available.   General donations will be used to reach deeper into the community to connect us professionally and personally.  Have a need?  Call us.  Have an idea?  Call us. We are committed to this community.

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