Clarity Counseling Connections
Clarity Counseling Connections

From 2019-2021 we gave away $204,990.47 in FREE counseling to our Community

Join Us to Support People in Need!

We need supplies and funds to expand our community programs to help people turn their struggles into new oppertunites to suceed! 


You can sponser People or Programs and be apart of our mission to change lives; effectively changing the future generations!

Safe Family Program


An integrated program to heal each member of the family to create safe family systems.  Changing Families from the Inside Out.

Side By Side Programs


REal Connection equals REal Change for Your Best Life


Get REal with our Indoor and Outdoor Therapy Rooms

StepFamily Survival Tools Program

Dads and Kids After Divorce Building Strong Relationships

Moms and Kids After Divorce Building Strong Relationships

Know Yourself to Find Your Best Life 

It is all about you!  What makes you YOU?  There are people that will ADORE you. They Are Waiting For You!  Know Yourself to Find Your Match!   Whole Life Best Life!


This Program is for Indivduals, Couples, Families, Teams: Knowing and Respecting Yourself Leads to Better Quality Relationships.

The Rural Community Bridge Progam

Supporting Quality Resources in Small Towns.  The Power of Integrated Medical and Behavioral Teams in Rural Towns

An Adolescent Apprentiship to Working in the Trades Industry


A Program aimed at matching Employers with Drug Free Employees (13 to 19 years old)


A Community Program that gives adolescents something to do that is aimed at their future.  Giving community trades an oppertunity to choose hardworking talent for their companies.  Matching community needs with trade professionals and their teams. A  3 Win Program!

The Rural Community Bridge Progam


An Apprenticeship for Behavioral and Medical Teams to Integrate for Best Patient Outcomes


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